Cable channeling and organization solution



ADLER offers comprehensive solutions for electrical systems: conduction, protection, organization and fastening of cables, wires and other components. At ADLER we make our products under strict quality standards to provide consistently the best products.

Certified Products

  • Cable Raceways
  • Corrugated Tubes (Conduit)
  • Electrical Junction and Surface Boxes

ADLER offers comprehensive solutions for conduction, protection, organization, and fastening of cables and wires in electrical systems.


Our priority is to provide the best products to our clients starting with certified raw materials, using qualified personnel and working under strict quality controls.


Good attention and customer service are essential for our company. For this we guarantee:

  • On time deliveries
  • Agile and effective technical support
  • Always the best quality



Our engineering and marketing team work hand in hand identifying the needs of our clients and the market to offer quick and effective solutions.